The Rose Of Jericho - The "Stone" Flower (Selaginella Lepidophylla)

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This plant is native to the Chihuahuan Desert of the United States and Mexico. The Chihuahuan Desert spans across Mexico, much of West Texas, lower New Mexico, and part of Arizona.

This plant can be brought back to life after drying out by simply placing the plant in water! Also known as “The Resurrection Flower”. Place the flower in a shallow bowl of water and allow it to sit for 4-6 hours. Change the water daily and allow the flower to dry out every 7-10 days (to avoid rot). Allowing the plant to dry out completely lengthens to life span of the plant - with proper care it can live for centuries! You can pass this on to your children's children! The water drained from the plant also has its own set of magical properties!

This plant may be mildly toxic to cats. Please keep out of reach of pets.


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