Chevron Amethyst Smoking Pipe

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Dream Amethyst Smoking Pipe (Chevron Amethyst)

Chevron Amethyst is a rare form of stone that emerges when Amethyst is fused together with White Quartz. This crystal is most notable for its purple color and white v shaped pattern through out. No two crystal spheres are alike.

Metaphysical qualities of Chevron Amethyst include promotion of psychic abilities including spiritual awareness, divination, or during meditation. Amethyst is a stone meant to help balance and clear the third eye chakra. Subsequently, white Quartz is a wonderful crystal for providing a cleansing, healing, and calming energy. Use this stone to pave the way for healing and clear communication (both psychic and spiritual!).

Each pipe is about 4 inches long and weighs about 3-4 oz

Each pipe is hand sanded.

Please allow 7-15 days for delivery. :)

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