Four Corner Home Bless Spell Bottles, Set of 4 Home Blessing Bottles

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A set of 4 Home Blessing bottles, designed to place near the four corners of your home and offer the blessings of protection, abundance, cleansing, and prosperity. Each bottle is uniquely cleansed with white sage smoke before anything ever is placed in the bottles. Every item is prayed over and placed in the bottle with the intention of these blessings being promoted by the magical properties behind each ingredient.

*** If you haven't done a cleansing before, I recommend smudging yourself and home, in addition to placing your Home Blessing Bottles.

In each bottle, you will find 6-7 ingredients that correspond with protection including the following:

Sea Salt - Mixed with the currents, forests of sea life, and moved by pull of the moon, sea salt is a potent form of protection infused with the power of the sea.
Cinnamon - Consecration, Home Protection, Healing, Love, Money, Success, and Victory
Marjoram - Good luck, Happiness, Balance, Calming, Health, Love, and Money
Rose Petals - Self Love, Dreams, Romance, Happiness
Cloves - Protection, Clarity, Friendship, Prosperity, and Banishing Evil

Each bottle's cork is sealed with beautifully scented candle wax and fresh dried rose petals.

The bottle styles may vary, but they are always beautifully made by Kay with love. ❤️

Each set is made to order uniquely for you

Disclaimer: Kay’s Magic does not make any claims or guarantees about the outcome of your workings. I can only try to influence the odds with my own magical practice, however, I can not force things to be so. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase. Keep herbs away from children, and pets. Do not ingest these herbs. These are curio items only, not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease or injury. Contents may shift during shipping.

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