Mystery Boxes

Witchcraft mystery boxes to explore each month. For limitless types (and even rare!) of metaphysical and religious inspired objects with a focus on the craft of magic 🌙



—> You have a chance to receive any of the


following items in your mystery box.


The beginning of the list contains the most


common items contained in the smaller, more


popular boxes towards the end of the list,


you will find the rarer items listed


that you may receive in the larger mystery boxes.




*These boxes are typically starter boxes


and include more basic and beginner items.


These boxes are somewhat customizable -


for instance you can request more of one item


(more crystals, more incense, seasonal


incense flavors, multiple smudge sticks -


anything is possible, if you ask the


right questions! 😉).



***Also, feel free to let me know extra info


such as your favorite color, your birthday,


allergies (if any), and even if you prefer showers or baths!!!*



• Crystals

• Stones

• Loose Incense Blends

• Bottled/bagged Herbs, Roots, and Powders

• Mini Smudge Sticks

• Mini Wands

• Candles

• Spell Bottles

• Bath Teas

• Drink Mixes

• Incense Cones and Sticks

• Incense Burners

• Rolls of Charcoal Discs

• Altar Tools

• Pendulums

• Spell Oils

• Home Decor

• Protection Charms

• Journals

• Tarot Card Decks

• Divination Tools

• Floor Washes

• Floor Sweeps

• Oil Warmers

• Witchy Beauty Stuff

• Altar Tables

• Altar Furniture

• Mortar and Pestles

• Full-sized Smudge Sticks

• Back-flow Incense Burners

• Newly Discovered Magical Curiosities

• ANY of my other listings! & and so much more!

The possibilities are literally endless. :)



>> There are multiple sizes available - and I can adjust the contents based on your level of experience. I am equipped to handle the expert witch 😘<<


XXS Box (1-2+ items $5)


XXS Sample Mystery Box; each contains 1-2 small items from the beginning of the list + the chance to receive bonus items!


I almost ALWAYS include extras! Think of the XXS box as a Kay’s Magic Intro. You will receive my products, and you get to see my style with little risk. :) It’s my hope that you move on to larger boxes in the future, if you decide to purchase the XXS box today. ❤️


XS Box (3-4+ items $10)



+ the chance of extra goodies!



Small box (5-8+ items $25)



+ the chance of extra goodies!



Medium box (9-12+ items $50)



+ the chance of extra items!



Large Box ($100); Each large box will contain 15+ items



including more expensive, rare, and one of a kind objects.



Extra Large Box ($150); Each box will contain 20+ items



including the possibility of books, book stands, altar tables, ritual kits, spell kits, home decor, tarot card decks, crystals, stones, incense, magical ingredients, wands, bath teas, drink mixes, spell bottles, ritual candles, smudge sticks, jewelry, incense burners, charms and etc! The possibilities are literally endless for this box and it’s BIG!




- Additional Info - 


*******Please send me an email after placing your order with your level of magical experience 😊 This will help me tailor the box specifically for you.********
PLEASE NOTE: You MAY receive at least one loose incense blend with each order. Please read below on instructions for use of charcoal to burn loose incense blends.
To use: Simply light a quick-lite charcoal disc, take a pinch of incense, and sprinkle it onto the center of the disc. A little goes a LONG way. Make sure your disc is in a heat proof container - never touch the burning disc, use small tongs. The charcoal discs burn at different times depending on brand, so please make sure they are extinguished entirely, and never leave unattended!! Please keep out of reach of children and pets ! Allow to burn in a well ventilated area - open doors and windows to allow the cleansing elements of the smoke to chase out the negativity and low vibes.
There is also a Mystery Incense Box available here (for all things magical to burn!!) here.
- Shipping Info - 


Please be mindful of processing times. These boxes are very popular and can take up to 2 weeks to receive. It’s almost important to remember that these boxes are subscription boxes (that only ship once per month), and the contents change on a monthly basis - You can make "one-time" purchases as often as you like - however there is an option to subscribe to receive these boxes monthly.


Orders placed during the last days of the month or during the 1st week of the month will be shipped during the 2nd and 3rd week of the month. Orders placed in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month will be shipped by the 4th week, or during the 1st week of the following month. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your shipping notification, however, you may receive it much sooner. Holidays and the time of month effect the shipping wait times.
New inventory shipments come in towards the beginning of the month, so the second week of the month is the best time to place your order!!! Try ordering between the 7th and 14th of every month for the guarantee of new items being added to the mystery boxes!
Disclaimer: Kay’s Magic does not make any claims or guarantees about the outcome of your workings. I can only try to influence the odds with my own magical practice, however, I can not force things to be so. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase. Keep herbs away from children, and pets. Do not ingest these herbs. These are curio items only, not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease or injury. Contents may shift during shipping.

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