Extra Large Herb Set (65 Herbs, Roots, Minerals, Flowers, and Berries)

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This is the perfect gift for the herbalist in your life! :) A large starter set of herbs, roots, flowers, and berries!

The types you receive will be random from the below list. Please be aware that the list may change with inventory levels.

Please note: Kay’s Magic may discontinue any of the herbs, at any time. We will remove herbs that go out of stock from the list. 

Please see the current stock list:
- Lemon Peel 🍋
- Red Rose Petals 🥀
- Lavender (Organic, Extra Scent, OR ultra blue)
- Marjoram
- Basil (Egyptian)
- Blessed Thistle
- Juniper Berries
- Cornsilk
- Uva Ursi Leaves
- Birch Bark
- Chickweed
- Beet Root Powder
- Rose Hips (Whole or Seedless)
- Catnip
- Boneset
- Whole Bay Leaves
- Whole Elderberries
- Stone Root
- St Johns Wort
- Barberry Root Bark
- Willow Bark
- White Oak Bark
- Irish Moss
- Kelp Granules
- Calendula, Whole
- Lycii Berry, Whole
- Angelica Root
- Cinnamon Chips
- Hibiscus Flowers 🌺
- Yarrow Flower
- Cornflower Petals
- Bee Pollen Granules 🐝
- Orange Peel 🍊
- Blood Root
- Allspice, Mexican
- Mandrake Root
- Fenugreek Seed
- Star Anise, Whole
- Lemon Verbena Leaves
- Lady’s Mantle Herb
- Chamomile Flower
- Burdock Root
- Yerba Santa Leaf
- Sea Salt
- Rosemary
- Chrysanthemum Flower, Whole
- Skullcap
- Dill Weed
- Milk Thistle Seed Whole
- Comfrey Leaf
- Bayberry Root Bark
- Lungwort Lichen
- Mugwort (Organic)
- Hyssop
- Arnica Flower, Whole
- Wormwood
- Queen of the Meadow Herb
- Pennyroyal
- Oatstraw (Organic)
- Agrimony
- Blue Vervain
- Fennel Seed, Whole
- Valerian Root
- Jasmine Flower
- Dragons Blood Resin
- Frankincense Resin

Each herb is packaged in a 3x5 USDA/FDA approved polypropylene clear bag. The contents are easily viewable and each bag is individually labeled.

The weights of each bag vary, but you can expect to receive 0.20 oz - 0.5 oz volume. All products are either home grown or sourced from trusted suppliers, farmers, and local vendors.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These herbal and spice products are not being sold for consumption.

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